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“Biology homework help did a good job in doing my frog dissecting figures although they gave it to me a bit late. It would be good if BiologyHomeworkHelp.org gives assignments on schedule the next time”

Karen, Mexico

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Scientists Found a “Bio Compass” in Birds’ Eyes

Birds orient their far flying using the Earth’s magnetic field: some species successfully.fly for more than thousands of miles during their seasonal migration.

Birds and Compass

For a long time, scientists thought that birds werere able to use the magnetic field for navigation because of iron links: there are lots of such connections near their beaks. But in recent years, there were more and more marks appearing, saying that the point is not about “iron beaks” but about a special type of proteins which is synthesized in cells of some eye tissues.

What is Self-Discipline and How to Strengthen it

Self-Discipline Strengthening

A fresh look on self-discipline: it helps you to reach goals and to get rid of bad habits.

It seems that self-discipline helps people suppress their impulses. For instance, to avoid overeating, to keep away from social media, not to get distracted from the job, etc. The simplest way to visualize self-discipline is to think about it as of resource. The more you use it, the less of it is left and the more you get tired.

Endless Perspectives: How a New Method of Genetic Modification Can Influence Technological Progress

Microbiologists from Tufts University (USA) have rebuilt the genome of microorganisms that participate in synthesis of important industrial substances. After their experiment, genetically modified yeasts began to work faster with an increased performance. Additionally, biologists “taught” them to eat xylose, which they were unable to digest before. The research authors told that the method they explored can be used in many various fields: from pharmacy to the liquidation of technogenic catastrophe consequences.